Our services tailored to your needs

Scribetech offers a range of services which have been specifically created to cover all clinical transcription needs. We work closely with our clients to develop an in-depth understanding of their requirements before recommending and deploying one, or a flexible combination of our services;

Clinical transcription

The most broadly used service, in which audio recording is supplied to one of our clinically experienced transcribers who creates, checks and supplies the final document.

Speech recognition

Our bespoke speech recognition technology is tightly integrated into our digital dictation platform giving you an automatic and accurate way to create clinical documents without the need for manual transcriber involvement.

Digital dictation

Our end-to-end transcription service which manages the entire process from the creation of digitally encrypted voice recording through to delivery of the completed document.


All customer’s needs are different. So we work in close partnership with each to ensure our software customises and integrates seamlessly with existing clinical systems to produce high-quality finished documents, whether you are looking for small single department solutions, or Trust-wide dictation, speech recognition and outsourcing platforms with full workflow management.

We know that customer’s needs can change over time so It’s imperative that our services flex with them. Consequently, we form customer user groups to consult closely to identify areas where changes and ongoing improvements can be made, to make certain we have in place the most appropriate, innovative and reliable service.

Scribetech integrate our systems with your Patient Master Index (PMI) and clinical systems, enabling patient and referrer details to automatically merge into the returning fully templated documents. Completed documents can be exported to multiple clinical systems and EPR, including those from iSOFT, Cerner, McKesson, EMC² and locally produced systems.


Our service is not all about technology. Scribetech takes a personal approach with a dedicated team always available to manage the project from start to finish. We retain experienced and highly diligent clinical transcription experts who enjoy working for us and stay for a long time. Working in discreet teams allows them to build up a strong knowledge base against specific clinical areas. We also align teams and team leaders to specific Trusts, ensuring we gain a comprehensive understanding of their needs and expectations. When we need to recruit, our processes ensure we identify high calibre graduates, who have a proven aptitude for transcription.

Our employees are put through a meticulous training programme following the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) standards.