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Transforming a 20-year partnership with the NHS
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A strong medical transcription heritage combined with 8 years’ AI R&D partnerships with engineers, analysts, and clinicians helped create Augnito. Read about the journey through our infographic.


Augnito – a SaaS cloud-based voice-AI technology to ease clinical workload

2020 transformed working processes, staffing levels and admin burdens unlike anything the NHS has ever experienced in its 73+year history. It exacerbated an already exhausted and burnt out medical workforce and created an even greater backlog of care and patient referrals into 2021 and the next 5+ years.

Augnito provides a fast, easy, secure, portable and highly accurate way to clear those backlogs. Speak to Augnito on any device and it will enter your live clinical data, into any system, wherever needed.

Augnito designed for clinicians and clinical systems

Augnito streamlines clinical workflows cost effectively and efficiently. It’s aim is to enable you to put patients first and extend this priority through the continuum of care.

Whether you’re a clinician needing to turn medical information into clinical documentation easily and quickly, in the noisiest of environments, or on the go; or whether you’re a software developer looking to speech-enable your clinical systems with efficient speech recognition and voice-driven commands and controls; Augnito solutions have you covered.

Creating Augnito to democratise the use of speech recognition and voice–AI technology

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