Augnito partners with CIMAR UK to empower radiologists with integrated, cloud-native speech recognition


[London, 29 November 2022] – Integrated into CIMAR’s cloud PACS solution in less than six months, Augnito helps clinical users create reports as much as 40-60% faster while working from anywhere.

Creating, accessing and sharing accurate medical information is the core of every radiologist’s workflow. As a result, the NHS, medical groups, imaging centres, and researchers are investing in sophisticated cloud technology to drive digital transformation, streamline image management, and improve clinician workflows.

CIMAR UK is a cloud-native Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), dedicated to making medical imaging and results securely accessible anywhere. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the CIMAR team saw a significant increase in demand for remote reporting, driven by lockdown requirements and an increase in remote working and working from home (WFM).

This accelerated the no longer desirable, but now essential, need for digital transformation and, ultimately, created an opportunity for CIMAR to maximise efficiency and flexibility for radiologists through speech-enabled diagnostic image reporting. Now, with the addition of Augnito’s AI-powered speech recognition, CIMAR can do even more to help radiologists work faster without compromising accuracy.

Dennis Wait, Chief Commercial Officer at CIMAR UK stated “There is little point having the flexibility of the cloud accessible remotely, without all the functionality that clinicians are used to having in the hospital. In our search for a cloud-based speech recognition solution provider to partner and integrate with, the ability to easily ‘talk’ to our cloud-based technologies was a critical element. We liked Augnito because it is cloud-native, as we are, it already used open API technology, and we appreciated its people-centred design approach. This aligns with our philosophy of finding a solution to a problem or challenge.”

“In terms of price, we found Augnito highly competitive and way beyond anything we had encountered in our SR solution search. We really wanted to pass that value on to our customers.” Continued Wait.

The Augnito integration with CIMAR’s cloud native PACS was completed in less than six months, with the first client using Augnito as part of the CIMAR solution soon after.

“Augnito’s team responsiveness, the solution’s API integration compatibility with our systems, coupled with its ease of use, simplicity, and ability to ‘unpack and go’ drove much of our decision-making process.” Added Wait.

Augnito is a cloud-hosted, AI-driven solution that can be accessed wherever needed. It also offers a comprehensive SDK and flexible API. This enables healthcare technology providers like CIMAR to bring highly accurate medical speech recognition, into existing clinical workflows and/or system platforms.

CIMAR also identified Augnito’s centrally updated language models as key to its success. These hosted models are designed to cover the vocabulary and terminology of multiple medical specialities, from radiology to cardiology. Users can switch between these models as necessary, ensuring complete coverage for every department and every kind of report.

“The agility and beautiful simplicity of having cloud-based SR available via any device and with a ‘portable’ profile allows a user the possibility to be anywhere in the world and still have access to a full suite of functionality. We’re still in the process of discovering how extensive Augnito can be, but it’s already an integral part of our solution offering to customers.” Concluded Wait.

For Augnito, this partnership represents a continued commitment to enabling radiologists to work more flexibly, 40-60% faster and highly accurately while coping with surmounting workloads and the backlog of existing reporting.

“CIMAR is a best-of-breed cloud PACS and Imaging Technology Innovation of the Year, 2022 Radiology Award Winner. We’re delighted that Augnito can play a role in helping CIMAR enable radiology departments to transform. Time-saving is an important advantage of using speech recognition (SR), but SR integrations also mean we can further expand that time-saving, by simplifying the working lives of clinicians, giving them a single system, available anywhere, that helps them accurately complete reports quickly and keep the patient journey moving.” Stated Shiraz Austin, Co-Founder of Augnito.

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About Augnito
Augnito is a secure, cloud-based, AI-driven clinical speech recognition product suite. It offers fast, easy ways to capture live clinical data on any device with 99% accuracy, support for multiple medical specialities, and no need for voice profile training. Augnito brings seamless speech recognition to daily workflows and third-party clinical systems, turning medical information into clinical documentation and making healthcare intelligence securely accessible everywhere. Augnito was developed by its parent company, Scribetech, a clinical voice solutions innovator, fusing 20 years of transcription and digital dictation services to the NHS, speech-to-text, and clinical coding solutions for the healthcare sector, and its own speech recognition engine with advanced voice AI technology. Visit for more details.

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