Scribetech, the UK’s leading digital dictation business has launched a new brand and range of services to take the business forward.

With the publication of the Five Year Forward View and the Sustainability and Transformation Plans, Scribetech have developed a suite of services to support the NHS and independent sector organisations to deliver significant cost and operational efficiencies.

With over 12 years’ experience delivering digital dictation, speech recognition and clinical transcription services, Scribetech has developed a customer user group programme and research and development facilities to ensure their services meet the current and emerging needs of their customers.

The latest service proposition to arise from this process is a clinical coding service which allows for efficient translation of information from hospital case notes into codes. This is all done in full partnership with coding departments and in compliance with the specified standards.

The new brand has been designed to reflect the focus and dedication that Scribetech attributes to precision and perfection and to solidify their status as one of the leading providers. Scribetech has maintained its top ranked status in NHS frameworks for the past five years, including the most recent nationally accessible NHS Shared Business Services framework for Digital Dictation, Speech Recognition & Outsourced Transcription, awarded in March 2016.

Shiraz Austin, Managing Director, said: “We are pleased to see that our experience, persistence and approach has been recognised and rewarded so emphatically by procurement organisations. Continual inward investment has resulted in a strong progressive organisation with a thorough understanding of the needs of NHS Trusts.”

The focus on perfection is carried through Scribetech’s operations in both London and Manchester, with a staff retention programme where meticulous, continuous learning plays a key role is developing staff with specialist clinical and key customer knowledge. Coupled with a recruitment programme targeting the highest quality graduates, Scribetech retains some of the sectors most highly qualified individuals.

Rustom Lawyer, Chief Executive, said: “We understand how vital our role is and how important it is that we develop teams of staff that are the best in the industry. We leave no stone unturned to retain and recruit the best in the industry, both in the UK and India. We comply with the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity standards but also implement a range of our own highly rigorous standards developed over years to mitigate against any risk.

Further development has also been undertaken to customise software which has been guided by both the work coming from the research and development facility and from the user group programme. This has ensured that all systems have been integrated seamlessly with Trusts’ systems.

We are acutely aware that every Trust is very different,” said Andy Rennison, Chief Technology Officer. “Because we understand our customer’s needs very well and acknowledge that they may be very different, coupled with my own experience as an NHS Manager, we have developed the most sophisticated document creation products available within the UK Healthcare market.

Our customised, end-to-end digital dictation and clinical correspondence solution allows Clinicians, Medical Secretaries and Service Level Managers to regain hours of lost time and eradicate inefficiencies. Users are provided with an intuitive, NHS-friendly interface enabling them to easily create, track, transcribe and manage staff workloads, as well as allowing them to leverage additional options such as Speech Recognition, Outsourcing or smartphone-based dictation.

The advanced workflow management and seamless integration of outsource services enables Scribetech to become part of the extended Trust team. With Trusts facing increasing cost pressures, these tailored innovations bring huge cost savings and productivity improvements to the NHS.

For more information, please contact Aimee Dyer at [email protected] or 0113 273 9397

Scribetech works in partnership with the NHS and Independent Health Sector to deliver digital dictation, speech recognition, clinical transcription and clinical coding services.

Established in 2002, Scribetech provide a fully managed and flexible service for the creation, easy transfer, retrieval, processing, management and analysis of clinical documents.